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Crossing streets

Erdkröte (148).jpg

Crossing the human-made death strips is a yearly massacre for every kind of amphibian. Not just the common ones like Bufo bufo and Rana temporaria, also rare species like Hyla arborea end as a flat pancake on the street. For this reason professionals and volunteers designed instrumentals to save at least a few populations from die-off and fragmentation. The mobile instrument is the amphibian fence. Almost every little local nature conservation organization uses this method with the massive help of volunteers to carry tons of amphibians over the street to their reproduction waters. A more expensive but less stressful method for this is an amphibian tunnel system. Especially in big populations the stress and work for volunteers are very little and the animals can just make their way to their ponds by themself. Those instruments save thousands of amphibian lives yearly and slow down the decline of populations. I tried to display this part of amphibians conservation, a little bit in this blogpost and will keep it updated yearly with new images!

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