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European Diversity

Full references in European Environment Agency: Europe's environment: the third assessment. Environmental assessment report No 10. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, p. 231.

Every wildlife/nature photographer tries to display her/his images appropriately in continents, countries, or taxonomy classes. Since my focus is on European fauna, I choose to present my pictures in biogeographical galleries. Europe might not be the continent with the most extraordinary biodiversity. Still, I enjoy hopping between different biogeographical regions within a few hours and observing different habitats, species communities, and landscapes. From planes straight from the ice age to mountains and different oceans, Europe still has much to offer even with a high civilization density. I hope my galleries will grow in the future and give a little peek into Europe's wilderness and biodiversity. Since this gallery can grow through travels, it's getting rarely updated, but you can be sure that some new images will pop up here after every journey. Through my firm reference to Herpetology, the Herpetofauna of Europe will be strongly presented in the galleries, but birds, flowers, invertebrates, and mammals must have their showcase. Have fun watching through the different biogeographical regions. I hope you will enjoy it and maybe get to know a few new species!


Black Sea
Niklas_Banowski (70 von 89).jpg
Niklas Banowski Maus (29 von 31).jpg
Mediterranean Basin
Niklas Banowski Kroatien (28 von 39)_edited.jpg
_NIK4212 Kopie 2.jpg
Pannonic & Eurasian Steppe
DSC_3748 Kopie.jpg
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