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My good friend Johannes Amshoff allowed me to join a night of a skylark ringing project in Münster with his friends from the university and I had to take the chance of making some images! The skylark is a bird of open fields and especially agricultural landscapes are its home! Poorly through industrial agriculture, this species loses more and more of its population in Germany. In the opinion of many ornithologists, this bird species has no bright future as many open land species. To ensure the future of those birds it's important to heald an eye on the populations and to get data about possible threatenings. This is the reason the ringing project in Münster takes place, they ring the migration birds yearly to get information about the size of migrating numbers, health conditions, and even if pesticides could have an influence on the birds (measured with fecal samples). projects like this are important to see changes in migrating birds populations and cause the skylark to migrate at night the diligent ornithologist work night over night catching them with nets and ringing them. In my gallery, I will give you a little display of their work. Poorly through bad weather conditions, the number of larks were one. But well I see myself as lucky! Thank you Johannes, Nick, and Laurin for the opportunity!

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