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In April 2020 several wildfires raged in the Netherlands and Western Germany's forests, moors, and heath meadows. Especially small animals like reptiles, amphibians, insects, and ground-nesting birds can be affected by those fires. One of these fires destroyed big parts of a region that inhabits one of the biggest adders populations in the Netherlands and needed hundreds of firefighters to put it out. How are the fauna and flora doing now? How big is the loss? Well that is something research will have to show. Even heath is supposed to burn from time to time and is even conservated with burning it, it's hard to see how the landscape and a famous adder habitat looks after such a drastic incident. Due to my work I got the chance to help the dutch adder researchers a little bit and make some images from the consequences of the fire. The future will tell how the fire will affect the biodiversity of the areas. More images and informations will come!

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